What is 9 in 45 ?



  • Select a starting point for your walk but do not take a photograph.
  • Walk for 5 minutes and take your first photograph from where you stand.
  • Repeat and stop every 5 minutes for the duration of 45 minutes to complete a set of 9 images.
  • Take only one photograph at each location and none in between.
  • Spend no more than one minute selecting, composing and shooting the image then move on to the next.
  • The first image at each location will be the one you keep.
  • Do not delete or retake any images.
  • Images can be taken in colour or black &white.
  • Photographs should essentially be straight from camera.  Any post processing should be minimal – levelling, tweaking and minor cropping are permitted.
  • Photographs should not be heavily processed or put through filter styles.
  • Selfies are not eligible for inclusion on Forty Five.


Forty Five is an exercise in creating unlikely images from random subjects.  Images that in other circumstances you may not consider photographing.  With the discipline of first shot only, in a fixed period of time the resulting photographs are likely to be more intuitive.  Some images will work better than others.  The fun is in the taking, learning and in the review of the images captured.  You may be surprised by which locations provide the most interesting shots.

Forty Five is designed to challenge photographers to work creatively outside of their normal way of thinking and working.

On Forty Five good and less good photographs are equally valid.  There are no rubbish shots. To dismiss a photograph as rubbish is to discard what can be learnt from it. When viewed as a set the gallery of images may offer some interesting insights for the photographer and also provide ideas, inspiration and learning.

The rules of Forty Five impose strict guidelines for the photographer to follow.  During the 45 minutes the photographer will find the process asks many questions about their photography.  The places they find themselves taking photographs are likely to be somewhere they may never normally consider taking a picture.  The random location instantly presents a challenge of light, subject, composition, exposure and other environmental matters which may need to be overcome.

Photographs shared on Forty Five are here to be celebrated not judged.  Friendly advice, top tips and encouragement are positively encouraged.  If you like images or have favourites in any mini gallery then feel free to say why they appeal to you.

Forty Five is intended to be a community of photographers sharing their images and enthusiasm to inspire one another.  A place where photographers of all abilities can enjoy trying something different and learn from each other.

By sharing the nine images as a mini gallery others may be inspired to try Forty Five.  They may inspire others to give it a go… Or simply inspire them to get out with their camera!

This site is about creativity, sharing, learning, exploring, and the general joy of being out with a camera.  It is most definitely not a place for selfies!

One participant has described Forty Five as being like a time capsule.  As the site builds I’m sure Forty Five will be lots of things to lots of people.

Forty Five is a photo blog designed specifically for mini galleries of nine images taken within a 45 minute period. In order to qualify for publication the 9 images must be taken while observing the rules of Forty Five.


If you wish to participate in 45 then please leave a comment below with a link to your gallery of nine images and also the date, time and place.  If you have added comments about your experience or details of your route then they too can be published here on 45.

If you already use a wordpress blog and post your gallery of nine images on your own site along with any words about participating in Forty Five I can simply reblog everything on Forty Five.

If you do not currently have a blog and would like to have your images shown on Forty Five then leave a comment below or on the contact page with a link to a Dropbox* folder where the images can be found.

*I’m guessing folders can be shared on other cloud services so any will do providing I can access the images!

Images should be numbered in the order that they were taken.

Of course you can participate in 45 without contacting or leaving any information on this site. Hopefully you’ll enjoy taking part and will want to share your experience.

Have fun…

Thanks for stopping by,

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