8 | by Steel City Anna

45 |  2 November 2016 | Steel City Anna (steelcityanna45nov)

Images taken by Steel City Anna |  2 November 2016  |   16.00 – 16.45 |  In Millhouses, Sheffield.

I had another go this afternoon at a 45. Felt like going for a walk but the cold and approaching darkness didn’t exactly do much for my motivation. Bringing my camera and doing this exercise helped! It became a struggle of chasing the last of the light. Not many obvious objects to photograph but I quite like the result. The grey and brown of an early autumn evening. And little did I know that Japanese Knotweed was something to worry about!

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3 thoughts on “8 | by Steel City Anna

  1. Thanks for sharing this set of images on the Forty Five site.
    Once again I like your images and your short commentary.
    It is an interesting palette of colours and clearly reflects something of Autumn and it also feels like the images were taken on a walk!
    The Japanese Knotweed sign is curiously interesting.
    My favourite is the lower left trees. It captures the less celebrated moments of Autumn. We often see resplendent colours and all the usual autumnal photographs but we all know the bits of autumn you have captured here. The sun is no longer bright in the sky, the air is still, there is a quiet and an emptiness, the colours which in sunlight glow are now less bright and sometimes when we see the evening like this we know winter is on it’s way…! Perhaps a reminder in ye olden days that we should all be preparing for the cold and stocking our larders like squirrels 🙂
    Mr C


  2. I like the mood which seems to run like a thread though your quite diverse group of images: empty benches in a row; a stern Knotweed warning; a padlock… a fallen feather and a leaf in fall… a descending jet trail…

    This is really effective sequence because, to me at least, there’s a bit of a narrative.

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  3. Thanks for your comments. That was exactly the mood and feelings I was going for (or all I actually thought was just to take pictures of what that November afternoon really looked liked and not aiming to ‘pretty it up’ in any way). Really nice to hear it worked 🙂


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