7 | Worthing by CKPonderings

45 |  By CKPonderings | Images taken Wednesday 12th October 2016

Worthing, 12th October 2016.

45 is a project I came across recently that sparked an interest. The idea is to start a walk, taking a photo after five minutes, continue walking, then take another photo, until you have walked for 45 minutes and taken nine photos. It’s a great concept and I was straight onto it!

After work on Wednesday, 12th October I went down to Worthing seafront and started walking. Above are the results!

All nine of these images are straight out of the camera. These are the only photos I took that day and have done no post-processing at all. I only used Photoshop to build the canvas to present them on.

A big thank you to CKPonderings for participating in Forty Five and for agreeing to his blog post being reblogged on this site.  The wonderful images (and words) were first published on CKPONDERINGS and have been reblogged here with permission of Mr CK.  For more of his work from the south coast visit https://ckponderings.wordpress.com


3 thoughts on “7 | Worthing by CKPonderings

  1. The more I look at the set of images from Worthing the more I like them. They are all quite disconnected and yet offer a sense of an out-of-season coastal town. I like the rather muted palette of colours. As someone who lives in a land-locked city I am used to seeing seaside towns full of sunshine and bright colours!
    Keep up the great work…
    Thanks and best wishes
    Mr Cafe

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