6 | 14 October 2016

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Photographs taken in Sheffield 14 October 2016 between 10:35-11:20hrs

Walk Start:  Boyland Street S3     Walk Finish:  Mowbray Street S3


3 thoughts on “6 | 14 October 2016

  1. I missed the sun today, you have caught it 🙂 that is quite a steep hill if it is where I think it is. Really nice view. For some reason I like the photo with the broken street light the best and the shape it makes with the other one. I must have an obsession with shapes!


  2. If you are thinking of Pye Bank then you are right and yes it is a bit of a hill! Something a photograph cannot capture is movement. The broken lamp was swinging in the wind, almost mouth like and it gave the whole street lamp some animal qualities. Once I had seen it as a snake or alien creature and the humour in what my mind saw it was obvious that the other lamp should also be in the frame. You may not read the image in that way but it’s what I now see! I guess we all see different things in the shapes that things make. I imagine it is why one photographer might be drawn to a subject which may not hold any interest for another. Had it not been for the fact I was doing a 45 I wouldn’t have shot the street lamps. Yet once I had decided they were to be my subject of that shot and saw the humour, I was pleased with my decision. The tree bark shot was actually the last and I was on Mowbray Street on the opposite side from the Riverside pub. With few subjects to inspire me I decided tree bark!. I gave it a shallow depth of field to set the background in relief and bring the bark crisply to the foreground. Not a wonderful shot but sometimes the rules of 45 force you to make the best of what you’ve got!
    Best wishes
    Mr Cafe


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