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The above gallery of images were taken in Sheffield on 5 October  09:15 – 10:35hrs. The walk started at Duke Street and finished on Cricket Inn Road.  The first photograph (of the double yellow lines) was taken on Talbot Street.


4 thoughts on “4 | by Postcard Cafe

    • Thanks for taking time to leave your comments. The observations you make are great and I’m pleased that as a set they hang together. However there was no plan. It is always good to hear how someone else sees the images.
      At the first stopping point I was uninspired with what to photograph. I looked down and there was a feather on the yellow line. And in a breeze of a moment, a bit like your flag, just as I was about to take the shot the wind took the feather away! I settled for the yellow lines without the feather and actually quite like the simplicity of the shot. I like the shadow which falls across the lines.
      It is interesting that as the photographers we know what the shots might have been but the viewer is left with what we actually have. Sometimes what we have may be more appealing that what we intended!
      I like your second 45 and have left a comment on your site.
      Best wishes
      Mr C


  1. That’s interesting, I really thought that you had planned it 🙂 there are yellow in the first and last picture, blue in the opposite corners and grey in the middle, parallel bars in 5, 7 (tracks) and 8, similar grid patterns in 3 and 4, squares in 6 and 8 and a triangular shape in 2 and 9. It is a little like one of those IQ puzzles 😀


    • I think part of the fun in sharing images is to hear how others see them. The relationships you mention are indeed all there and I’m sure to others they would be less obvious. I have published images in mini galleries of nine images for quite some time and if you saw relationships between the positions of images in them it is likely that they are more deliberate. Sometimes it may be colour or macro or patterns with particular images that relate to one another or it may be that to my eye one particular overall layout works better than other variations I will have experimented with before posting. Recently I did a mini gallery for the Upper Chapel on Postcard Cafe and the three central images had to be exactly where they were. The others I juggled with so the gallery made sense to my eyes. The window and window detail worked well being central top and bottom. Some people will not even notice the gallery layout and dive straight into the full size images and that is fine. People will take whatever they want from photographs which is why reading peoples comments is always great feedback – even if they are critical 🙂
      Wordpress is great for allowing images to be displayed nicely. I like to take care in how I upload my images.
      With the 45 I like that I allow the images to take on there own layout/patterns and this also provides something of a random element to the process and therefore something new for me to see.
      Thanks for your continued enthusiasm to Forty Five.
      Mr Cafe


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