9 | Double ‘A’ Side

The fine Spring weather has kick started a new year and a new season here on Forty Five.

We are back with a fearless double A Side!  This has never been attempted before and it was conducted without the use of a safety net.

Today for the first time we are posting a stereo 45, featuring the work of Richard Lavelle and Postcard Cafe side by side!  This is the first time 45 has been conducted by two people, simultaneously from the same locations.  The brief and rules of 45 were applied in the normal way and to keep playing field level both cameras were set to auto.  No fancy footing here, just the unadulterated pure 45 experience.

On Wednesday 5 April there was a break in the rather fine Spring sunshine to offer us shooting conditions that were a little less than favourable.  For the most part the sun remained firmly hidden behind the heavy cloud cover.

45 is intended to challenge photographers and our unpredictable weather can always lend a hand in making things a bit more difficult.  Intrepid as we are the cloudy grey day would not hold us back.  We headed out from Sheffield railway station.

It was decided not to share our photographs with one another while on the walk.  Instead, after completing the 45 and over a coffee we were able to give time to each pair of images.  Sharing the 45 experience with Richard was a lot of fun.  We both enjoyed the post-walk analysis as much as taking the photographs.  I’m pretty sure myself and Richard will be doing another stereo 45 in the not too distant….

And now a word from my co-conspirator…

I have been tinkering with taking photographs for years. I have a big box full of 35mm film shots from various cameras over the years. I took my first digital picture in 2004. It was of a cup of coffee I was drinking in the Shrewsbury branch of Costa coffee. Today I still take pictures of coffee so not much has changed. However, I don’t think I’m to blame for the phenomena where everyone takes an image of every latte art ever frothed. Or maybe I am.

I am lucky enough to be very good friends with the man they call Postcard Café and his inventive approach to the medium and restless quest for capturing a new angle on the world has been an inspiration.

Taking part in my first 45 was a fine way to christen my new Canon G5X and was great fun. Our 45 started at Sheffield railway station and ended alongside the River Don near Blonk Street taking in the cholera monument and Park Hill along the way. The 45 concept is such a superb way to challenge how you take photographs as you have to find interest in what might appear to be the most ordinary of surroundings.

My usual platform for my photographs is Instagram where I twiddle with filters and tweak settings until the original is largely unrecognisable. So posting these unedited images here is a new and revealing experience. Like in a dream when you turn up naked at work.

So here are my 9 shots. I highly recommend giving the 45 concept a go, it’s a nice way to explore an area and challenge the way you see the world through a lens.

  • Visit Richard and keep up with his work on Instagram  HERE
  • Visit Postcard Cafe  HERE and also on Little Bits of Sheffield  HERE

That’s quite enough words for now….

Each pair of photographs below were taken simultaneously from the same location. All images are straight from the camera without any post processing. The photograph on the left hand side in each pairing is taken by Richard and the one on the right is by Postcard Cafe.

Click any thumbnail to view the gallery of full size images.

Comments, feedback and thoughts are welcome so if you are inclined to share them with us, do use the comments box below…

Best wishes from Richard and Mr C  🙂


8 | by Steel City Anna

45 |  2 November 2016 | Steel City Anna (steelcityanna45nov)

Images taken by Steel City Anna |  2 November 2016  |   16.00 – 16.45 |  In Millhouses, Sheffield.

I had another go this afternoon at a 45. Felt like going for a walk but the cold and approaching darkness didn’t exactly do much for my motivation. Bringing my camera and doing this exercise helped! It became a struggle of chasing the last of the light. Not many obvious objects to photograph but I quite like the result. The grey and brown of an early autumn evening. And little did I know that Japanese Knotweed was something to worry about!

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7 | Worthing by CKPonderings

45 |  By CKPonderings | Images taken Wednesday 12th October 2016

Worthing, 12th October 2016.

45 is a project I came across recently that sparked an interest. The idea is to start a walk, taking a photo after five minutes, continue walking, then take another photo, until you have walked for 45 minutes and taken nine photos. It’s a great concept and I was straight onto it!

After work on Wednesday, 12th October I went down to Worthing seafront and started walking. Above are the results!

All nine of these images are straight out of the camera. These are the only photos I took that day and have done no post-processing at all. I only used Photoshop to build the canvas to present them on.

A big thank you to CKPonderings for participating in Forty Five and for agreeing to his blog post being reblogged on this site.  The wonderful images (and words) were first published on CKPONDERINGS and have been reblogged here with permission of Mr CK.  For more of his work from the south coast visit https://ckponderings.wordpress.com

5 | Another 45 by Steel City Anna


Photos taken betwen 15.00 and 15.45 on the 10th of October 2016 along the River Sheaf Walk in Sheffield.

There was beautiful sunshine this afternoon and I went out for a walk along River Sheaf. I decided to do another 45.

I wanted to try and do a 45 in another setting than the city centre, thinking there would be a lot less objects to photograph so more of a challenge. But it actually wasn’t harder at all, rather the opposite. I was struggling to choose between what to pick whenever I stopped for a photo.

The picture of the flag bothers me, I really wanted to get the whole flag as it had a picture of a torn Yorkshire rose on it. Nearly cheated here and took more pictures. But this is the one I got. The wind did not cooperate with me.

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3 | by Steel City Anna


The images and notes in blog-post No.3  are used with kind permission.  They are borrowed from the blog of Steel City Anna  who was the first person to respond to the original 45 blog-post.    I very much enjoyed her images and also the notes about her experience of the walk. 

“Inspired by the blog Little Bits of Sheffield I did a little photo exercise called “45” this evening. It was really fun, and much harder than I first thought.

This is how you do it, and this bit of text is copied from Little Bits of Sheffield(hope that’s OK):

Walk for 5 minutes and take a photograph from where you stand.  Repeat for the duration of 45 minutes to complete a set of 9 images.  Take only one photograph at each location and none in between.  Spend no more than one minute composing the image then move on to the next.  The first image at each location will be the one you keep.  Do not delete or retake any images.

My images above were taken today the 3rd of October between 17.00 and 17.45 in the Sheffield city centre.

I usually take a lot of pictures at the same time, and I tend to look for trees, flowers and old buildings and it was hard to just take one photo and leave it there. It was also difficult to stand still and resist the temptation to go towards the objects I am naturally drawn to.

The first photo with the mural of the steel worker was a good starting point as I got off the bus there and it immediately attracted my attention. Then I just wandered around aimlessly in the city centre, knowing I wanted to catch my bus home again from the Peace Gardens later on. It was weird to take your time walking around during the rush hour when everybody were trying to get home as quickly as possible … That affected my route and I went on roads which were less busy. A backstreet to the cathedral, then to Orchard Square which was very quiet. Down to West Street where I saw the writing in the window – something I wouldn’t have noticed if it wasn’t for the exercise. I saw the sun shine through the old phone box in a beautiful way and I would have taken several pictures here under normal circumstances. Walked past the City Hall that looked amazing in the warm evening glow but my 5 minutes weren’t up yet and I ended up on another backstreet where I took the “Popworld” photo. Went through Barker’s Pool and saw the monument with the soldiers that I have always liked, and finally in the Peace Gardens I caught a last glimpse of the Herd of Sheffield with a detail of a bird on an elephant’s belly.”